June 20th, 2016


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My Not-a-Hugo votes: John W. Campbell Award

My nominations for the John W. Campbell Award were:

Andy Weir (finalist)
Kelly Robson
L.S. Johnson
Iona Sharma
Sunil Patel

Those who topped the File 770 straw poll were:

Becky Chambers (22)
Andy Weir (22)
Natasha Pulley (16)
Scott Hawkins (10)
Kelly Robson (10)
Alyssa Wong (10)

with nobody else getting more than five. Sebastien de Castell and Pierce Brown were each nominated by one File 770 responder, and Brian Niemeier by none. All of the finalists apart from Alyssa Wong were on the slate; it's reasonably to assume that Weir would have made it without slate assistance, but Becky Chambers' exclusion is a travesty.

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