May 29th, 2016


The Voters of MidAmeriCon 2

Last year I posted an analysis of the Sasquan members who lived in the 50 US states, and found that by and large they are in states that vote more liberal than the US median. (I used this ranking from The Hill, which dates from October 2014 but is probably still more or less valid.)

I've repeated the exercise for MidAmeriCon 2, and not surprisingly - given that the local pool is Kansas and Missouri rather than Washington, Oregon and California, which are three of the four most liberal states - the numbers seem to lean a bit less to the left. Of Sasquan's members from the 50 states, more than half lived in the most liberal 7 of those states; for MAC II, the median member on the left-right spectrum lives in the 16th most liberal state (New Jersey) rather than the 7th (Massachusetts). For Loncon 3, it was the 12th most liberal state, Illinois.

That still means that MAC members are more likely to live in liberal states than the US population as a whole, if not as much so as Sasquan (or Loncon) members. The boost for Kansas (fourth most conservative) and Nebraska (sixth) is offset to an extent by a smaller boost for nearby Illinois, and losses from Idaho and Utah. 70.5% of Sasquan members (and 67.9% of Loncon 3 members) from the 50 states lived in places that were at least as liberal as the median state, Ohio. For MidAmeriCon that ficgure is 61.1%.

Of course, I have no information about whether MAC II members are in general more or less liberal or conservative than the rest of the people living in their states. But it is pretty clear that they are more likely to come from liberal states than from conservative ones, if less so than the two immediately preceding Worldcons.

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For obvious reasons, I'll let someone else do this calculation next year.