October 26th, 2015


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1941 Retro Hugo Awards: Eligible short fiction, ranked by anthology prevalence

I've done some more delving into the fiction eligible for the 1941 Hugos, helped in the first place again by Meredith and in the second by the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. On the basis that the most memorable stories of 1940 are likely to be those which have been most frequently picked up for anthologies and collections (and therefore also most likely to have been read by subsequent generations of fans), I did a naked-eye scan of the listings to pick up those which have been republished more than once (novellas) or more than twice (novelettes and short stories) since first publication. This does of course skew the odds towards those authors who lived long enough to have many different collections of their own stories published, but I suspect that will also be reflected in the voting.


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Short Stories

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I'm afraid that's a rather male list, with one woman writer getting a story in each of the two shorter categories, and another sharing credit for a novella.

I'll do another post tomorrow looking at what anthologies and collections you might want to get if you want to sample the short sf of 1940.