September 9th, 2015


The End of All Things, by John Scalzi

Second paragraph of third chapter:
Thank you, I thought. I have been trying to live up to my end of our deal.
One of the books that is being talked about as a potential Hugo nominee next year, which I grabbed without thinking too hard because it was going for only $4 on Kindle. It is well-known that I have bounced off Scalzi's prose in the past, though I did very much like Lock-In which was kept off this year's Hugo list by the slates. This is another book in the series that started with Old Man's War, about an unfortunate human chap who becomes a brain-in-a-box starship pilot unwillingly involved with evil alien plans. However when I got to the stage that the alien characters sounded just like everyone else in almost every Scalzi novel I have read (Lock-In being the exception), I decided that this was not going on my own nominations list and stopped reading it.