April 4th, 2015


I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson

I bought this after discovering that its author is a fellow member of Clare College, Cambridge; this is the top fiction book by a Clare graduate on LibraryThing which is not by China Miéville (though Nick Harkaway and Peter Ackroyd are not far behind). It's a story of a woman in a City job being driven crazy by the competing demands of work and family, and was made into a widely panned movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Pierce Brosnan which shifts the setting to New York so as not to confuse people who haven't heard of London. I have to say I don't think this is a terrific example of chick-lit - you can see from a fairly early stage which way the plot is likely to go, and it duly does so. If I venture into this genre again I shall probably give Freya North another go instead.

Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen

This is the first in a new line of Who spinoff novels, this time prequelling UNIT by looking at Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart's life and adventures in the gap between The Web of Fear and The Invasion (nine months for the viewer which we are told has been four years in continuity). I was a bit worried about this one, having been underwhelmed by the same author's look at Doctor Who companions in the history of the series, but in fact it's a competently done tale of clearing up after the events of The Web of Fear which also quite neatly salutes the Matt Smith era version of the Great Intelligence as well. The next two volumes in this series are by Lance Parkin and David A. McIntee, and my interest has been duly whetted.

Hugo novel nominees by Goodreads/LibraryThing popularity

Well, it's been a brutal evening. We've always known that any old crap can get nominated for the Hugos - see my reviews of nominated works over the years - but it does hurt a bit to have that driven home quite so directly.

Anyway, the Best Novel list does offer some glimmers of hope. The nominated works, and their popularity on Goodreads and LibraryThing, are as follows:
ownersav ratingownersav rating
Skin Game, by Jim Butcher28,6914.567254.34
Ancillary Sword, by Ann Leckie5,5164.093734.14
The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addison3,6084.103004.30
Lines of Departure, by Marko Kloos3,5244.07654.12
The Dark Between The Stars, by Kevin J. Anderson3283.84373.44

A pretty clear ranking order then.

This may be a year when I don't get around to reading all the nominations, for the first time since 2000.