January 10th, 2015


Links I found interesting for 10-01-2015


The Inking of Edward Heath

A few weeks ago, Lieven Smits reminded me of the incident on 22 January 1972, when Edward Heath, the British Prime Minister, was spattered with ink on arriving at the Egmont palace in Brussels to sign the treaty admitting the UK to the European Communities. It's a striking moment and the press photographers were well placed:
heath Heath Ink
I have attended at least a dozen events in the Egmont Palace since moving to Brussels in 1999, so I know the scene of the event very well; and I will smirk next time I wander up to the foot of the grand staircase in the entrance lobby.

But, I wondered, what this all about?Collapse )

If Marie-Louise Kwiatkowski is still around, she turned 74 last Thursday. I wonder if she got anywhere with her political novel.