November 18th, 2014


November Books 3) Empire of Death, by David Bishop

Set in the gap between Time Flight and Arc of Infinity, like a half-dozen Big Finish audios with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa; it's a bit uneven, with the afterlife / alien invasion theme uneasily echoing with what I was watching on Saturday nights earlier this month at the time I was reading the book, and some very off-target stuff about abortion at the very beginning, but also some excellent characterisation of Nyssa who hasn't generally been well served in print. Bishop always has original ideas, and in this case about half of them come off.

The agony of choice

Tomorrow evening I happen to be in London, and I face a difficult choice:

Will I attend Parliament 2115: re-imagining a democracy of the future at Portcullis House, Westminster, featuring Chris Tyler, Mike Carey, Joseph D'Lacey and Mike Fell,


will I attend The Post-Apocalyptic Book Club: Dark Societies with Marcus Sedgwick, Claire North and Adam Roberts at Waterstone's Piccadilly?

(I thought I'd signed up for the BSFA meeting, but turns out that's on monday when I won't be in England.)

Are you planing to attend either of these?