September 7th, 2014


Links I found interesting for 07-09-2014


September Books 4) Eternity Weeps, by Jim Mortimore

Getting to the end of the New Adventures now, though I still have the Bernice Summerfield novels to go. This actually foreshadows them, concentrating very much on Benny and Jason's disintegrating marriage, with the Doctor and Chris rather in the background; and Liz Shaw is brought back all too briefly. There is some tremendously well-realised and bleak detail with rival expeditions attempting to find Noah's Ark, and getting into difficulties with competing jurisdictions on Mount Ararat. The book ends with 1997 Earth devastated by alien plague, which is a tough one to carry off if you plan any continuity; of course, if it's almost the last book in the series, taht's less of an issue.

Kunst in het Dorp

Every year, our village holds its Zomerfeest, and apart from a bike race and the organising committee setting up a beer garden behind the parochial hall, artists from the vicinity are encouraged to exhibit in people's homes.

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Good weather too, which helps.