May 1st, 2014


Links I found interesting for 01-05-2014


April Books 8) A Handful of Stardust, by Jake Arnott

I have enjoyed the Time Trips sequence of short Who novels; we must wait until later this year for the last two, from Cecelia Ahern (surely the first scion of a head of government to write a Who story?) and Joanne Harris, pausing for now after Jake Arnott's mild romp round Elizabethan times with the Sixth Doctor, Peri, John Dee and the Master. It's light in some ways, but actually drills down linguistically to explain Peri's name (I don't think I'd ever seen that before) and is respectful enough of the historical setting.

By complete coincidence I was reading it at the same time as two other books focussing on the sixteenth century, Anglicising the Government of Ireland, by Jon Crawford and Revelation, by C. J. Sansom. Reviews of those to come.

April Books 9) Aldébaran #5: La Créature, by Leo

Final volume in the first sequence of bande dessinées by Leo, in which Marc and Kim encounter both the mysterious creature, the gigantic mantrisse. which has been lurking behind their adventures so far, and have a showdown with the authoritarian government which has been dogging their footsteps since Book 3; also contact with Earth is resumed after a gap of centuries. Perhaps because I'd left it longer than planned to read, it didn't have quite the punch I expected - though there are some really mindblowing scenes when they walk into the belly of the beast - but I will now look for and start on the second series, Betelgeuse. I am also glad to say that I'm not having much problem with the French; it's pitched just about right for my reading level.