April 7th, 2014


Starborn, by Jacqueline Rayner

A neat and effective Companion Chronicle, starring Maureen O'Brien as two different versions of Vicki, and Jacqueline King (Donna's mother on TV) as an unhappy medium. Well written and well performed, a good jumping-in place if you haven't sampled the range and shows that the Companion Chronicles are still doing well even as they begin to reach the end.

Directed by Lisa Bowerman; i cannot think of any other Who drama where only women are credited as cast and crew.


March Books 25) Brick Lane, by Monica Ali

Second paragraph of third chapter:

Collapse )
I very much enjoyed this portrait of a world that I have occasionally glimpsed via my Bangladeshi relatives; our protagonist, Nazneen, stuck in an arranged marriage and transported to Brick Lane in London at the age of 18, gradually finds her own way to gaining control of her own life, managing her relationships with husband and her lover - both fantasists in their different ways - and transcending the tensions within her own community and between it and its neighbours. Meanwhile the letters she gets from her sister back home become increasingly gut-wrenching. The ending isn't a completely happy one, but then, what ending is?