March 30th, 2014


Taking a tip from the spice men - cumin haddock

I caught a couple of episodes of The Incredible Spice Men last year, and while I haven't yet tried any of their recipes per se, I've been thinking about how to make food more interesting.

I bought three chunks of haddock yesterday, and decided I'd fry them after dipping them in seasoned flour. And as I was stirring the salt and pepper in, it occurred to me that there was more that could be done. So I added a half teaspoon of cumin seed per person to the flour, as well as a dash of chili powder, and mixed it all in thoroughly before covering the haddock in it; and then fried the fish for five minutes a side in a very hot pan.

Wow. Even F, generally suspicious of culinary innovation, said he liked it. Definitely a success.