October 16th, 2013

doctor who

50 years of Who: 1981


Warriors' Gate
The Keeper of Traken
K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend

Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit (4)
Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World (2)
Doctor Who and An Unearthly Child (1)
1982 Doctor Who Annual (4/5)

The first Who from 1981 that I encountered: By this stage I was watching religiously, and made sure to catch Warrior's gate on first broadcast. I was 13.

My favourite Who from 1981: This is a good year, actually. The TV stories are all weird and different, but I'm actually going to single out two of the books, Doctor Who and the Creature from the Pit and Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World, both of which are improvements on the original story.

Moving swiftly on from: K9 and Company.

So, what was your favourite of the above? What is the best bit? (And if you like, what is the worst bit?)

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Wednesday reading

The Flood, by Ian Rankin
The Last Mughal, by William Dalrymple
[Doctor Who] Slow Empire, by Dave Stone
About Time: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who, 2005-2006; Series 1 & 2, by Tat Wood

Last books finished
Mortal Clay, Stone Heart and Other Stories in Shades of Black and White, by Eugie Foster
De Sigaren van de Farao [Cigars of the Pharaoh], by Hergé
[Doctor Who] Warchild, by Andrew Cartmel
Returning My Sister's Face, And Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice, by Eugie Foster
The Far Side Of The World, by Patrick O'Brian
The House of the Seven Gables, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Next books
The History of the Hobbit vol 2: Return to Bag-End, by John Rateliff
The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I, by Stephen Alford
Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman

Books acquired in last week
Local Hero, by David Benedictus (from the screenplay by Bill Forsyth)
Assassin's Quest, by Robin Hobb