October 1st, 2013

doctor who

50 years of Who: 1968


The Enemy of the World (last 5 episodes)
The Web of Fear
Fury from the Deep
The Wheel in Space
The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Invasion
The Krotons (first episode)

1969 Doctor Who Annual (2)

The first Who from 1968 that I encountered: Thanks to the Five Faces of Doctor Who, I saw The Krotons in 1981, long before I saw any of the other Troughton stories; it wasn't a great start! Rather oddly I picked up an audio of the first episode of Fury from the Deep in 2005, a freebie from SFX I think (probably the last time I bought SFX).

My favourite Who from 1968: That first episode of The Mind Robber is utterly bonkers, and quite incredible.

Moving swiftly on from: The Dominators.

So, what was your favourite of the above? What is the best bit? (And if you like, what is the worst bit?)

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