December 4th, 2012


December Books 2) Non-Stop, by Brian Aldiss

It must be around thirty years since I first (and last) read Non-Stop. There are still lots of things to like about it. Collapse )

Non-Stop kicks off my reread of the BSFA, Clarke and Tiptree winners because it was given a retrospective award by the BSFA in 2008 as the best book of 1958. It beat The Big Time by Fritz Leiber, Have Spacesuit Will Travel by Heinlein, A Case Of Conscience and A Clash of Cymbals/The Triumph of Time by James Blish and Who? by Algis Budrys. I have read all but the last if these and I reckon the BSFA got it right. (I don't recall voting myself.) I loved both the Leiber and Heinlein when I was younger, and A Case Of Conscience is trying to say something very earnestly, but Non-Stop, the first of Aldiss's many novels, is really breaking new ground and establishing a fresh way of doing things. It has dated but was worth going back to.


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