December 1st, 2012


December Books 1) The Colony of Lies, by Colin Brake

Took me much longer than usual to grind through this book, a tale of the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe on a frontier planet where various factions are in conflict with each other, and really little of much interest happens. There is a brief framing narrative with Ace and the Seventh Doctor, who intervenes at a crucial point to help his former self. Prose style starts off rather badly but settles down to reasonable standards with occasional info-dumps. Not really recommended except for completists like me.


Leveson on Europe

I had missed this, but am grateful to @dicknieuwenhuis on Twitter for flagging up a piece by Conor Brennan on the Business New Europe blog (which I had not previously heard of) quoting the Leveson report. The relevant paragraphs, in full:

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Leveson is, in fact, wrong about Alastair Campbell; he was not exaggerating at all.