November 24th, 2012


How the EU summit spoiled my evening

Foolishly assuming that the EU summit would be over by dinnertime, I arranged to meet eight friends at the 1898 Brasserie after work.

Three of us got there at about 6 pm, to discover that it was closed due to being too close to the EU summit - the entire Schuman Roundabout was closed.

So we found another venue, the branch of Fatboys at the the corner of Avenue de Cortenbergh and Rue Stevin, but despite alerting people via email, Facebook and SMS, only three of the other six were able to join us.

One has to admit that it is pretty good that with today's communication technology I was able to redirect half of the people who weren't physically with me at the start of the evening to an alternate venue which none of us would otherwise have even thought of going to. (They briefly had a live band who were so awful they were told to stop after a very few minutes.)

Still, I'm annoyed about not seeing the other three! And if there had not been an EU summit today we could probably have all got together.
doctor who

The Curse of Fatal Death

As you all know, it was the 49th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who yesterday; so I am picking up where I left off in August 2010, with the first televised Who story since The Movie, also the first televised script written by Steven Moffat. Purists may complain that it is not "canon"; I included both Dimensions in Time and the nauseating one with Jimmy Savile in my previous rewatch, and The Curse of Fatal Death tells us some interesting things about how Old Who regenerated into New Who. If you haven't seen it, the whole 20 mins are on YouTube.

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I would have posted this yesterday but my phone seems to be on its last legs. Anyway, onwards with the webcasts of Death Comes To Time, Real Time, Shada and Scream of the Shalka before I start on the Ecclestone era.

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