August 10th, 2012


August Books 9) Doctor Who: The Time Traveller's Almanac, by Steve Tribe

The problem with books like this is that they so quickly go out of date, a particular shame in this case, where Tribe has assembled in internal chronological order all of the stories of New Who up to Last of the Time Lords (ie starting with The Fires of Pompeii and ending with Utopia) including Attack of the Graske and The Infinite Quest, and brief explanations of Old Who stories which are mentioned in New Who (plus a few other tantalising references, eg to the Animus on p 7), but no coverage of Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures or the New Who books and comics (let alone the Australian K9). For the diehard fan, or the TV Who fan who wants to explore more of the Whoniverse, Lance Parkin's Ahistory has more to offer, but this is beautifully produced and comprehensive for what it covers. (And I realise that I have not actually seen The Infinite Quest.)