February 22nd, 2012


Nebula nominees

Here are the novels on this year's Nebula shortlist, ranked by owners on Librarything and Goodreads, with Amazon sales rank thrown in.
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The order above is that of number of owners on Goodreads, which is the same as Librarything apart from the middle two, and indicates that Embassytown probably has the greatest public exposure, followed by Among Others. But there is a lot of texture here. Note that Librarything users who own it love Mechanique, and Goodreads users who own it love Firebird. Note also that Amazon sales rank tells a different story, with Mechanique well ahead of the field, followed by The Kingdom of Gods in paper sales and Among Others in Kindle sales. Embassytown's paper sales rank is surprisingly poor, and God's War's Kindle sales rank is dismal.

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