January 13th, 2012


Jamuary Books 8) The Unwritten vol 3: Dead Man's Knock, by Mike Carey

Another excellent volume in this excellent series, taking the frenzy surrounding the publication of the final Harry Potter books and giving it a new twist of darkness. The background narrative of one of the characters is audaciously presented as a choose-your-own-adventure book (I admit I was mapping out the possible paths on the back of an envelope). This volume did not seem as rich in literary allusion as previous ones, but perhaps I missed it; in any case the plot seems to have jumped into a more coherent track, which is fine.
doctor who

January Books 11) Doctor Who: The Daleks script), by Terry Nation

Although of course nothing really matches the experience of sitting down and watching the story, there is a certain amount of fascination in following the words and the script as they were originally written. One appreciates just how much is brought to the show by the designer, director, producer and above all the actors, but at the same time the strengths of the script itself become clear. The seven episodes are actually all rather distinct from each other, and more self-contained than I had appreciated; the fake-out of the end of episode four is still rather striking; the Thals somehow come over as a bit more interesting on paper; one gets a sense that the vision in the writer's mind was not quite the same as what appears on screen. I have only a couple of other script books but look forward to reading them both (this year I am reading my unread Old Who books in internal chronological sequence).

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