December 8th, 2011


Latest whinge: the #NMBS / #SNCB

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Edited to add: As advised by the bloke I spoke to on 02 5282828, I called 02 224 5111 again this morning and got through twice. The first time, the operator denied that they had a customer service department and put the phone down. The second time, a different operator, obviously by mistake, put me through to the customer service department. They told me that I must speak to the call centre and then put the phone down without giving me the call centre's number.

Further edited to add: Got a response from the spokesman's office!
After reading your email to our press office, I can only confirm that you have called the correct number of our customer service. If indeed you were treated in the way you describe, this would not be professional on their behalf.

But as you can surely understand, treating a customers complaint is not the role of our press officer. In the meantime, we forwarded your complaints to the customer service manager and we insisted on the sense of urgency of your demand. They confirmed us a rappid treatment of your complaints and they will get back to you within a few days, after having made the nessecary enqueries.

I would like to appologise on behalf of our company for all inconvenience you have encountered.
Well, we'll see what happens...