September 5th, 2011


Delicious LiveJournal Links for 9-5-2011


A few links

The daily link posting function from seems to be broken, and unfortunately it seems that Yahoo are letting the service wither on the vine. So until further notice I shall be posting interesting links on Twitter and then doing roundups every few days.

Eliza Dushku alert: In northern Albania.

Emma Watson alert: Advertising perfume.

If you sing the Doctor Who theme to yourself with your own made-up words, you can either stop doing it or else put it on Youtube. (I recommend the former.)

A history of patient modesty, Part 1 and Part 2. "Exposing the body for medical purposes is a relatively recent development. It began in the 19th century, before anyone now alive can remember. Prior to that time — for thousands of years — doctors considered it socially unacceptable and morally improper to examine an unclothed patient, especially a woman (the doctors at the time were all men)."

Me old mate Misha Glenny on cyber-security: "...if you are on Apple, you immediately reduce your vulnerability by about 90%, because 95% of network systems run on Windows so virus makers just don’t bother to do it on Apple."

September Books 5) George's Secret Key to the Universe, by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

A genially educational novel for kids; George's parents are anti-technology environmentalists, but luckily the girl next door has a magic computer, and together with her scientist father they manage to foil the fiendish plan of the evil school science teacher in alliance with the class bullies. Lots of text boxes explaining about planets and stars. Credits also go to Christophe Galfard, who gets a 'with' on the title page but I note has gone on to write novels in his own name, and Garry Parsons for excellent illustrations on every page.