July 13th, 2011


July Books 10) The Glamour Chase, by Gary Russell

This is one of the best New Who books I have read, and certainly the most mature of the standard range of Eleventh Doctor novels (which I felt generally have been written for a younger readership). The plot is an alien conflict being played out in rural England in 1936, but the point is the rather good exploration of the regular characters - particularly Rory, from a point in time shortly before his wedding to Amy - and a lot of squeeful continuity references. And I detected a load of other literary allusions in the story as well: I don't think I'm completely imagining either Lady Chatterley's Lover or Agatha Christie (I almost wrote that Russell did The Unicorn and the Wasp, but of course that was Gareth Roberts). Anyway, this one is highly recommended to those fans of previous ranges of Who novels who have felt something a bit lacking in the New Series Adventures.