June 24th, 2011


EU summit analysis

For once I am out of Brussels when the EU summit is on. However, that won't stop me listing the participants as I did six months ago and a year ago:

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There have been three changes since the December 2010 summit (Enda Kenny replacing Brian Cowen, Pedro Passos Coelho replacing José Sócrates and Jyrki Katainen replacing Mari Kiviniemi), with Yves Leterme incredibly still in transition. The median political longevity is now held by Boc, who has been in power for two and a half years. Passos Coelho and Katainen are the newest kids on the block, having taken office only this week.

17 of the 27 heads of state and government, and the presidents of all three EU institutions, are in the European People's Party. (Leterme is still hanging on.) 4 are in the Party of European Socialists, 3 are Liberals. 2 are in the ECR. Christofias remains the only Communist. The EPP have made three gains in the last six months, two from the Liberals (Ireland and Finland) and one from the Socialists (Portugal).

Kiviniemi's departure leaves two women, Merkel and Radičová.

The recent changes bring the average year of birth back from 1959 to 1958, also the median year of birth if my numbers are right. Buzek is older than any of the national leaders except Berlusconi; Van Rompuy is older than any except Berlusconi and Christofias.

I am still younger than all of them except the Latvian and Finnish prime ministers. (The new Finnish PM is even younger than his predecessor.)