December 31st, 2010


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December Books 23) With the Light... / 光とともに..., vol 3, by Keiko Tobe

Third in the series of graphic novels about a Japanese child with autism by the late Keiko Tobe. I found the first half of the book, where a new special education teacher repeatedly fails to rise to the occasion and deal with the needs of the children under her care, really quite tough reading; Sachiko Azuma, the viewpoint character whose child is at the centre of the story, displays much more patience than I could bear to in that situation. The second half of the volume has young Hikaru on a four-day school trip, which presents fairly huge challenges from a developmental psychological point of view. (Tobe throws in a couple of more standard soap-opera elements as well, as his schoolfriends engage in classroom politics and his father is demoted at work, but that's forgiveable local colour.) Anyway, once again a fascinating and beautiful book.

2010 books poll

Thanks to those who have filled in my unread books poll; this is more of a bit of fun, a tradition started by the librarything community, of listing all the books one has read during the year and seeing who else has read the same ones.

(There's a discrepancy of 10 between the list below and the monthly tallies, mostly due to counting the Bloody Sunday Report as a single entry below but as ten separate volumes while I was reading it.)

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