November 7th, 2010


Whoniversaries 7 November: Lindsay Duncan, Planet of Giants #2, Father's Day

i) births and deaths

7 November 1950: birth of Lindsay Duncan, who played Adelaide Brooke in The Waters of Mars (2009).

ii) broadcast anniversary

7 November 1964: broadcast of "Dangerous Journey", second episode of the story we now call Planet of Giants. Ian and Barbara are trapped inside the laboratory; the Doctor and Susan scale a drainpipe to rescue them but are themselves threatened by the water.

ii) date specified in canon

7 November 1987: Peter Tyler is killed crossing the road to a friend's wedding - oh no he isn't - oh yes he is - as seen in Father's Day (2005).
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Doctor Who - brilliant unreleased scenes from 2010 series

Everyone else is linking to these, but I will too: two brilliant scenes made for the DVD of the most recent series of Doctor Who, the first of which could actually be a fairly good introduction to Doctor Who for people who know nothing about it:

And the second will go some way to reconciling fans of Old Who with the latest version:

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Brilliant stuff.
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What happened to the Doctor Who companions?

Various spinoff media have addressed the question of what happened to the Doctor's companions after (and in some cases before) their time with our favourite Time Lord. I don't pretend that the list below is complete but I think it is fairly comprehensive, and at least is a good place to find out what other writers may have done with your favourite companion (unless your favourite companion is Steven Taylor).

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This piece is much longer than I expected anyway but once I got started it just grew! Please do comment if I have made any particularly egregious omission. I had originally meant to link to my reviews of books mentioned above, and may still do that, but writing this has taken me all day and I want to finish up now. I think this all illustrates the wisdom of Paul Cornell's essay on canonicity from a couple of years back. Much briefer thoughts on the subject are embedded in a typically long and witty review of Death of the Doctor by an unspecified Daddy (probably Richard) on Millennium Elephant's blog.