September 18th, 2010


A book that I wish more people had read

This turns out to be the answer to one of the later questions as well, but I do wish more people had read Ali and Nino by 'Kurban Said', the great romantic novel of the South Caucasus. Set in the time period straddling the First World War, it's the story of the love between Azeri boy Ali Khan and Georgian girl Nino Kipiani, culminating in the collapse of the British protectorate of Azerbaijan (which I'm sure you have all heard of) in 1919-20. Of course, it's steeped in the cultural background of its author, an extraordinary character who was an Azeri-born Jew who converted to Islam and wrote Ali and Nino five years before his bizarre death in Italy in 1942. It's really short and actually quite cheap from The Book Depository (and elsewhere) - go out and buy it!!!!!

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