August 22nd, 2010


August Books 22) The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents, by Terry Pratchett

I think this was the only remaining Discworld novel which I had not read; the first of the subset primarily aimed at younger readers. Maurice, slightly to my surprise, turns out to be a talking cat, associated with a group of talking rats who have acquired intelligence accidentally. As ever with Pratchett, it is funny and humane, with a touch of darkness and a couple of moral / political lessons for the young human characters (and thus also the reader). The riffs on Browning and Disney simultaneously are beautiful. Glad to complete my reading of this particular canon on a high.

August Books 23) Wishing Well, by Trevor Baxendale

A nicely constructed novel of the Tenth Doctor and Martha, taking them to a contemporary English village where there is Something Narsty in the well. A good set of local characters filling out a fairly standard alien menace story; I wasn't completely convinced by the engineering aspects of the secret tunnel, but prepared to forgive it for overall charm.

Gibbon Chapter XXIX: The Sons of Theodosius; also Rufinus and Stilicho