August 8th, 2010

doctor who

Because I know you want to know this: Doctor Who dates

As I prepare my Whoniversary posts, I've been noting the dates of broadcast of Doctor Who stories over the years. Not very surprisingly, they are distributed very unevenly around the calendar.Collapse )

For Old Who, there are seven dates which saw the original broadcasts of Doctor Who episodes in six different years:

Collapse )
I had forgotten that the demises of Adric and the Fifth Doctor were precisely two years apart.

For New Who, the winning date is Collapse )

If you add together all incarnations of Who including Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures, Collapse )

But that also gives you one day of the year which on which seven episodes of Doctor Who and the spinoffs have been broadcast for the first time. That day is Collapse )

Well, I hope you appreciate that. It amused me on a wet Sunday afternoon.

August Books 6) Soul Mountain / 灵山, by Gao Xingjian

Gao Xingjian won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2000, which was the year this, his best known novel, was published in English; most of his work had been available in Swedish since the early 1990s, which may explain why the Nobel committee got to him before much of the English-speaking world did.

Soul Mountain is a story of an unnamed narrator exploring China, in search of the mythical mountain of the title, also telling himself the story of a pair of lovers ("you" and "she") on a similar journey. It rather lacks a plot; it's a series of vignettes of encounters with the legacies of the Cultural Revolution, Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, and other aspects of Chinese historical experience, with a sense that the storyteller is trying to reintegrate a shattered sense of self from the debris of China's traumas.

Because of the lack of structure, and the style of writing, I found it tough going (though I've seen the translation criticised for not conveying Gao's meaning properly). I got much more out of Wild Swans.

Tonight's the night (Sherlock)

So, Sherlock: The Great Game...

I will watch it / have already watched it on first broadcast this evening
I will watch it in the next 24 hours after it is shown this evening
I will watch it some time in the next week
I may get around to it some day
I have no intention of watching it
What are you talking about?