December 26th, 2009


Baffling question, reposted

Young F got this jewel in his cracker yesterday:
Q: What kind of relationship does coral have with algae?
A: A symbiotic relationship.
Now, this answer turns out to be perfectly sound biology (so I at least learned something) but doesn't seem to me paticularly funny. Am I missing some point about, perhaps, two popular celebrities or fictional characters called Coral and Algy? Or is it just meant to be funny because coral is generally hard and algae generally squishy?

While I'm asking difficult questions...

...I could never get the missing line.

Yes, I know what the canonical version is, but I don't really believe it. What should it have been?

(And I never understood why it was always listed as "Boss Cat" in the BBC TV schedules, but that would be an ecumenical matter.)
Top Cat!
The most effectual
Top Cat!
Whose intellectual
Close friends get to call him TC...
[dah dah dah dah diddle de dee]
Top Cat!
The indisputable
Leader of the gang!
He's the boss!
He's a VIP!
He's the championship!
He's the most tip top -
Top Cat!
doctor who

Doctor Who

Well, I enjoyed it. RTD tends to do much better with penultimate episodes and then fumble the climax, so I hope that doesn't happen again this time. Particular comments below the cut, but if you want the collected wisdom of (part of) the internets, check here.

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