December 1st, 2009


The lost station of the Rue de la Loi

More often than not, I complete the last leg of my morning commute by train, arriving at the railway station at Brussel/Bruxelles-Schuman, which is within a hop, skip and jump of my office. Schuman station was opened almost forty years ago (in December 1969) as part of the first axis of what has evolved into the Brussels metro system, between there and the De Brouckère station in the city centre. But I was surprised when I came across a Baedeker map of 1910, almost a century ago, which appeared to show the Schuman station in situ six decades early:

Collapse )

All trace of the old station has now gone. Collapse )

But we can get an idea of what it might have looked like Collapse )

I am left with one rather minor nagging mystery. Collapse )