October 9th, 2009


Linkspam for 9-10-2009

  • For the inaugural stint in this high-profile function, EU citizens should expect the selection of a decent national statesman, a statesman with impeccable European credentials, a respected and experienced politician, with a genuine ability to convince his former colleagues with the right mix of technical and political skills. Blair is not that man. He is, as the Financial Times's Martin Wolf once stated, just another British populist.
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  • So Tony Blair is being considered for the job of European Union president... If the new, improved, post-Lisbon EU is to have any credibility or integrity, it needs a different leader.
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doctor who

Doctor Who Rewatch: 01

I bought a Philips MP3 video player a few weeks back, and have been using it for the purpose for which such things are made: watching early Doctor Who in sequence during my morning commute. (This has also cut down on the number of books I read, for which some may be grateful.) Recent research indicates that there are roughly 22,776 minutes of screen Who, so at 25 minutes a day it will take me the guts of three years to get through the lot. I have seen it all before, of course, but taking it sequentially and at a steady pace, along with watching the recons of the missing episodes, makes it a different experience.

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Striking how often Barbara is the memorable companion in a lot of these. The Doctor is a very odd, weird, alien and compelling figure, with Susan of course in his wake (except where she is allowed character development in Marco Polo); Ian's memorable moments here are really in The Daleks, and to a certain extent The Edge of Destruction. But Barbara literally rules The Aztecs; the only early story I can think of off-hand which puts a companion closer to the spotlight is also by John Lucarotti, The Massacre. (Later examples are few and far between: Turn Left, of course, but that's about it.)

I've decided to do these six at a time, basically because that will synchronise nicely with the Hinchcliffe/Holmes seasons if I keep it up that long (counting Mission to the Unknown as part of The Daleks' Master Plan). In which case I will post the next of these in mid-November, though my travel schedule for the next few weeks may delay it.

< An Unearthly Child - The Aztecs | The Sensorites - The Romans | The Web Planet - Galaxy 4 | Mission To The Unknown - The Gunfighters | The Savages - The Highlanders | The Underwater Menace - Tomb of the Cybermen | The Abominable Snowmen - The Wheel In Space | The Dominators - The Space Pirates | The War Games - Terror of the Autons | The Mind of Evil - The Curse of Peladon | The Sea Devils - Frontier in Space | Planet of the Daleks - The Monster of Peladon | Planet of the Spiders - Revenge of the Cybermen | Terror of the Zygons - The Seeds of Doom | The Masque of Mandragora - The Talons of Weng-Chiang | Horror of Fang Rock - The Invasion of Time | The Ribos Operation - The Armageddon Factor | Destiny of the Daleks - Shada | The Leisure Hive - The Keeper of Traken | Logopolis - The Visitation | Black Orchid - Mawdryn Undead | Terminus - The Awakening | Frontios - Attack of the Cybermen | Vengeance on Varos - In A Fix With Sontarans | The Mysterious Planet - Paradise Towers | Delta and the Bannermen - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy | Battlefield - The TV Movie >