August 4th, 2009


August Books 7) Soul Music, by Terry Pratchett

I'd been rather avoiding this Discworld novel because I feared it would be much the same as Moving Pictures and Maskerade, both of which are essentially one-joke books where the joke is stretched beyond its limits. But actually it's much better. For a start, a lot of jokes about rock music are actually funny, riffing lots of little laughs off the one big laugh. Also, the idea of Music With Rocks In fits into the Discworld milieu much more comfortably than either cinema or opera. And another story element is the relationship between Death and Susan, which gets rather similar plotting in other books but somehow seemed to work better here. Good to have caught up with this one at last.

One book I won't buy

Bookshopping in London yesterday, my eye was caught by the Mammoth Book of Mind-Blowing Science Fiction, edited by Mike Ashley. I have been suspicions of the Mammoth Books of anything sfnal since the publication of George Mann's pisspoor Encyclopedia (I confess I have no idea if the two are related), so didn't bother even looking inside.

It turns out that if I had looked inside, I might have spotted the rather peculiar choice of authors. Luckily others have done so for me, so I don't need to worry any more about whether I might want to buy it.

(Hat-tip to nancylebov and also to james_nicoll.)