July 7th, 2009


One thing from last night's Torchwood...

Very much enjoyed last night's episode (apart from the peculiar slip of demoting Queen Victoria from HM to HRH - on a Home Office computer to boot). But we had a certain amount of background noise so I missed one important line about a character we didn't actually see:

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I have social engagements in Brussels both tonight and tomorrow night, but will have to cut them short to get home in time...

Politics anorak meme

From Mark Reckons via Nick Barlow: Can you list all your MPs?

1967-1974: Rafton Pounder
1974-1981: Robert Bradford
1981-1985: Martin Smyth (all South Belfast, all UUP though Bradford first elected as Vanguard)
1985-1986: Harold McCusker (Upper Bann), though I was working in Armagh when Seamus Mallon defeated Jim Nicholson in the bogus by-elections, and also spent two months in 1985 in Raunds, Northamptonshire, which was represented either by William Powell (Corby) or Peter Fry (Wellingborough), not sure which.
1986-1991: Robert Rhodes James (Cambridge, Conservative)
1991-1995: Martin Smyth again
1995 (briefly) Roy Beggs (East Antrim)
1995-1997: Cecil Walker (North Belfast, UUP like the other two)

That covers the almost three decades of my residence in the UK. Bosnia and Belgium don't have single-seat constituencies so I can't answer for the most recent period (Croatia did for half the Sabor, the rest being elected proportionally, so perhaps someone keen can identify who was elected in 1995 to represent the constituency containing the big office building at the lower end of Šoštarićeva where we lived for eight months in 1996). Likewise for the four months I lived in Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg, which presumably had a direkt gewählte MdB.