May 27th, 2009


Linkspam for 27-5-2009

doctor who

Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

Last year I wrote up the first half of Series Four of New Who, but never got around to doing the rest. We've been re-watching them over the last few days, and now have reached the first of the two Hugo nominees, the other being Turn Left.

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So I am really rather agnostic at present as to how I will cast my own Hugo vote in this category. I still have some time to decide, of course.

May Books 28) Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller

I got this book because LibraryThing predicted I would not like it. Earlier this year I ran all the books I had read that month through the LibraryThing "unsuggester" and this and one other book (to be revealed in due course) came up the most often. I can't reconstruct exactly how, but the UnSuggestions for Blue Like Jazz are not a completely inaccurate match for my library, I suspect because few sf readers are into liberal brands of Christianity. [edited to add: It's the top UnSuggestion for A Case of Conscience, second for The Go-Between and Farmer in the Sky, and further down for The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat and 32 Stories.]

I, of course, am into liberal brands of Christianity, so Collapse )

Having said all that, people who know Reed College will certainly find a number of points of local interest, so I can recommend it to them!