December 2nd, 2008


A bunch of things

I have been working Very Hard today, so haven't fully kept up with Livejournal. I will say this: at one point in the evening twilight I saw a glowing neon sign on a Brussels building which appeared to say PIJE, which means "drinks" in Albanian and also Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian. When I looked a bit closer I realised it was a sign saying PUB with a shadow over the middle of the U and another over the right-hand side of the B. But the basic concept is similar. I suppose.


Terry Pratchett on his illness.
tamaranth makes blue string pudding.
Harry Brighouse on Kenneth Morgan on Michael Foot.
Various Canadians are traumatised at the thought of a coalition government, for the first time since 1917. Oh dear, poor diddums.