September 28th, 2008


Shakespeare's plays, ranked by popularity

How many LibraryThing users have copies of each Shakespeare play:

Hamlet 8675
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The Third Part of King Henry the Sixth 153

The jump between the first and second plays on the list (Hamlet to Macbeth) is both absolutely and proportionately the biggest gap. The next biggest proportionate jump is at the bottom of the list, separating the three parts of Henry VI from Timon of Athens. The two other big gaps are i) just below the midpoint, between Richard II on 970 and Henry IV, Part II on 571, with The Comedy of Errors stuck between them on 756; and ii) between the top three (Hamlet/Macbeth/Romeo and Juliet) and the rest (starting with A Midsummer Night's Dream).

Just thought you would like to know.