May 10th, 2008


Who those people are

Yes, a lot of you got it: the seven women in my previous question are all presidents of their countries - respectively, as alacsony said, of Liberia, Ireland, Finland, Philippines, Chile, Argentina and India. wwhyte has a point in that not all have executive powers - though the majority of them (Liberia, Philippines, Chile, Argentina and to a certain extent Finland) do.

Female heads of state is too broad an answer - that would leave out the Queens of the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands, and arguably the Governors-General of Canada, Antigua and Barbados Barbuda, and St Lucia.

Even democratically elected female heads of state/ female heads of state in republics is too broad an answer - that description would also have to include this lady, currently in her second term and looking a bit uncomfortable in her ceremonial uniform:

So, who is she???

Edited to add: - See comments for the answer - alacsony got the country, and arwel_p named her correctly.