April 1st, 2008


Yet another crap social network

Just received an exciting message from WAYN.com ("the worlds' largest travel and lifestyle community", WAYN standing for "Where Are You Now"). Apparently no fewer than nine of its members have added me as a friend.

Only problem is that I don't think I know any of the nine members in question. A couple of the names looked familiar but on checking they are fairly common Irish names and the WAYN profiles don't appear to match the people I know.

WAYN is not quite as sinister and crap as Rapleaf, but unless and until some people I actually know start using it and recommending it to me, I'm not touching it. It looks just like Bebo, Hi5 or Myspace, with a little Dopplr added in; but I get all of that and more from Facebook anyway.

Edited to add: Ah, I see someone else has had invites from most of the same people!

Long weekend in Ireland

Sleep somewhat disrupted, but for those of you who saw me in Dublin at the weekend, the explanation of what I was doing there (and why I wasn't there for very long) is this: I was giving the keynote speech at this event in Limerick on Saturday morning.

Limerick is a long way from Dublin, and funding restrictions meant I made the mistake of flying Ryanair, which I won't do again if I can help it. Indeed, it took me longer to get from here to Limerick than it normally does to get from here to Macedonia, a point I made in my speech. It was miserable wet weather, but I had a decent Indian meal here on the Friday night.

Of course, part of the reason I accepted the gig was that it coincided with P-Con, which was very good fun - Hi to all who I saw there, too tired now to name-check you all but you know who you are. I was pretty tired by this point which is my excuse for totally blanking and failing to recognise the Guest of Honour.

Sunday night brought another tedious journey home from Charleroi airport, though as you will have noticed I used the travel time to do a lot of reading. Still pretty exhausted though even last night, and a small child has woken me up rather early this morning. Will be taking it easier for the rest of the week, if I can.