January 11th, 2008


Marks for effort

I met someone yesterday whose business card had her name and phone number embossed on it in Braille. Apart from my own general fascination with alphabets, my grandmother used to do some work with Braille, though I was never quite clear what - her eyesight was better than mine is. I spotted immediately that the Braille spelling on this person's business card was wrong - her surname has six letters, but the Braille version had only five and was missing the one Braille letter I can actually recognise. ('a')

She works for an organisation involved with equality issues, though herself is not on the disability dossier, which explains both why they made the effort and why nobody had yet spotted the mistake. But I wonder how many people, in general, have their names in Braille on their business cards (and indeed how many of them have got it right), and I also wonder if this is actually much use for people with visual disabilities, who possibly on the whole aren't in the same habit as I am of collecting small bits of card with very small writing on them.