January 3rd, 2008


Slow-cooked pork, and other culinary adventures

Holiday time is often a time for me to relax by cooking, and I've tried a bunch of new recipes over the last couple of weeks. The most successful of these was the product of last-minute googling: I had bought a lump of pork labelled "spiering/spiringue" and was trying to work out what the heck it was - turns out that in most parts of America it is known as "Boston butt end", though this side of the Atlantic I think you can just refer to it as the pig's neck - and came up with this recipe, fortunately more than six hours before dinner time:

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This was really yummy, the meat ended up juicy and tender and very very tasty. I really hadn't tried slow cooking before, and must now add it to my repertoire.

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And for Christmas dinner we had the now-traditional boar, which seemed to taste particularly good this year - perhaps because I allowed it to marinade for three whole days. As with the slow-cooked pork, patience is rewarded.