August 11th, 2007



I was vox-popped yesterday lunchtime by a TV journalist from Al-Jazeera wanting to ask English-speaking passers-by in the Rond Point Schuman about the current turmoil in the financial markets. I said I didn't know anything about money and declined the invitation, exchanging friendly nods with the cameraman who has filmed numerous interviews with me by Balkan journalists.

I was a bit surprised, to be honest. Al-Jazeera seemed to have given their man a slightly weird assignment: "Go out onto the street in Brussels and see if you can find someone who will talk to you in English about global finance." I hope they managed to get something worth broadcasting in the end.

Thanks, but no thanks

Has anyone else received a spam mail like this?
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I must say that if I were $big_name_movie_star, I would be asking for my money back from $PR_company. I regard this email as spam, an unsolicited commercial approach from someone with whom I have no previous relationship, and it has all the hallmarks of an automated message; the personalisation is so half-hearted as to verge on the offensive. (True, they are not actually trying to sell anything to me directly, but they are attempting to get me to advertise their film, as well as to "bring about" a "social movement".)

I am sympathetic to the political ends, but the means suck, and there is no way I am participating in this.

A question that occurred to me...

Poll #1037316 Pronouncing "shaman":

How do you pronounce the first syllable of "shaman"?

/ʃeɪm/ - as in "shame"
/ʃæm/ - as in "sham"
/ʃɑm/ - to almost rhyme with "harm"
Other, which I will explain in comments

Started wondering about this, you may not be entirely surprised to hear, after listening to mizkit recounting this story last weekend.