December 3rd, 2006


Unread books - an attempt to prioritise

What with the older car having died, and Anne needing the newer one to ferry B back and forth to her new place in Tienen, it looks like I will be reading even more books in the future as I will have about an hour and a half on the train every day. We were planning for this to happen after I start at the new job in January anyway, so it's just come a bit sooner than expected.

Despite my best intentions, my list of unread books now stands at 153, actually up from 146 the last time I counted, despite my efforts to be disciplined. Of those 153, 52 were acquired this year (plus, er, about 165 that I have already read); in other words, of the 130-odd I mentioned at the end of last year, I have read about a quarter. Thanks to LibraryThing I can list Collapse )
doctor who

Am I a fanboy?

mizkit seeks guidance from me as to what classic Doctor Who she should watch. Also I am spurred into action by a post on the Dork Report commending Sarah Hadley for setting new standards in Doctor Who esoterica, and also commending my Ian Marter post from last weekend, "lest [Sarah's site] be too broad for the true Who anorak".

Anyway, I don't feel my knowledge is as in-depth as some on my f-list (in particular, the likes of doyle_sb4, who is surely the queen of Who in the city of my birth), so I'm just going to repeat links to places which I find useful as I explore the past of the show: I'm not satisfied with my indexing of my own Doctor Who reviews at the moment, and will give some thought as to how to make them better organised and more accessible, though the livejournal tagging system does help.


One of the reasons I read so many books is that we don't get out much, a combination of the difficulty of getting babysitters for the rather unusual needs of our children (on which subject, thanks once again to leila_azziza for helping out last night) and the related difficulty of working up enough energy to get out for more than a waiter-service meal. However, as it happens I have managed to see two films in the last two months, due to (in the first case) an unusual confluence of baby-sitting availability and our energy levels, and (in the second case) having an evening to kill in Berlin.

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