September 17th, 2005

doctor who

Doctor Who / Thunderbirds

Just finished watching a Thunderbirds video with F, which reminded me that I never properly wrote up two other Doctor Who stories I watched last month.

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Incidentally, I suppose that Neil Gaiman's idea of the Endless contacting each other through their portraits in Sandman was inspired by the Thunderbirds' control room, where the Tracy brothers' pictures turn into video connections? Or is there an earlier inspiration?

Library Thing update

Oooh, Library Thing. This is going to be one of those relationships. I've put in over 400 of my books already; mostly the Irish and other history shelf beside the computer, and now working my way slowly up the science fiction anthologies, with occasional departures for favourite authors and reviews I've already done on-line. (And I guess that the person whose reading tastes are most similar to mine is in fact the livejournal user of the same name?)