August 19th, 2005


Irish readers with access to the radio -

I just remembered - should have posted this earlier - that I had a call earlier this week from the producers of the Tubridy Show on RTE doing some research - apparently they plan to do a spot on the history of science fiction this morning between 10 and 11. So tune in, if you can.

[Edited to add: Other things obviously intervened; no sf on Tubridy today.]

Holiday drawing to an end

So, I've had my almost three weeks of recharging my batteries in the heart of County Down, and wish I could have the same again. But tomorrow the long drive to Kidderminster, and on Sunday the long drive from there back to Belgium, and then on Monday back to work. (Plus I'm then travelling in the Balkans from today week to today fortnight.)

It's been a quiet break. Collapse )