August 11th, 2005


August Books 8) Imperial Earth

8) Imperial Earth: A Fantasy of Love and Discord, by Arthur C. Clarke

I got this post-Worldcon in a second-hand bookshop, prompted partly by my current run of re-reading novels I enjoyed as a teenager and partly also by a discussion provoked by rfmcdpei about a month ago. This was one of my favourite Clarke novels then, and I felt it held up pretty well on a return visit. It's a book about Duncan Makenzie, scion of the ruling family of Titan, and his once-in-a-lifetime journey to Earth to attend the 2276 celebrations of the United States (the book was published in 1975, in time for the Bicentennial) and also incidentally to get himself cloned (he is himself a clone.) The good things about it are actually summarised in the subtitle: fantasy, love, and discord.

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doctor who

Speaking purely hypothetically, of course...

...if someone were to ask you what extras should be included on the box set of DVD's for this year's Doctor Who, such as "deleted scenes? alternative endings? blooper reel? storyboards? monsters?" - what would you recommend?

Myself I'd want interviews with the stars and with anyone interesting out of the production crew. I'm not a big connoisseur of DVD's and so have little experience of extras, but I didn't feel the blooper reel for the last series of Buffy added a huge amount to my enjoyment, whereas the interviews with Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon did. And from the LotR DVD's, the stuff on how the scenery and monsters were actually filmed were fascinating.

But what do others think?