January 10th, 2004



I have emulated annafdd and visited IKEA. First with F to get another two 2.26 metre bookshelf ends and eight 83 cm and another eight 42 cm shelves to put on them as we attach them to the existing shelves in the study. That should make for another 10 metres of bookspace. I fear it won't be enough but it will reduce the number of homeless books floating around the house. Also got two new bedside lights; amusingly they are called Grönö and I have a colleague whose surname is Grono.

F was a good boy but IKEA is not the ideal place for a four-year-old. When I discovered that I'd only got two of the reinforcing struts for the new shelves (instead of four) I went back on my own.

Now, of course, we have to actually put them up...