Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

August Books 28-29) The Underwater War, by Richard Dinnick/Rain of Terror, by Mike Tucker

One of the 2-in-1 Who volumes for younger readers produced earlier this year, with no particular thematic link between the stories other than that both happen on alien planets. The Underwater War is rather slight, an old-fashioned don't-fear-the-Other tale with an implausible language made of colours, but some decent Rory/Amy character moments and a gratifyingly large number of Old Who continuity references (things have rather changed in that regard since the early years of RTD). Rain of Terror is more substantial, 'orrible omnivorous voracious aliens, corrupt scientists and an epic train ride; but loses points for gender determinism, with two brave little boys and a frightened little girl helping / being rescued by the Doctor. Get it for a young friend or relative and then borrow it from them.
Tags: bookblog 2012, doctor who, doctor who: 11, writer: mike tucker, writer: richard dinnick
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