Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

August Books 16) Barbaraal Tot Op Het Bot, by Barbara Stok

A couple of years back I read one of Stok's more recent albums, Nu We Toch Hier Zijn and enjoyed it; this is her first collection, a series of autobiographical stories in comic strip format, set around her student days between the Hague, Amsterdam and her native Groningen. It's all nicely observed, self-deprecating humour; the first two-thirds of the book chronicles several love affairs and her first orgasm (a great laugh-out-loud moment); the rest is slightly more disjointed journeyman work (though the pancake shaped like an armadillo is a high point). My memory is that Nu We Toch Hier Zijn has a more even pace, but it's also a more mature work. Unfortunately I don't think her work is available in English but I heartily recommend it to nederlandstaligen.
Tags: bookblog 2012, comics, writer: barbara stok

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