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The Master's Timeline

I have just been listening to the new Big Finish Fourth Doctor play, The Trail of the White Worm, which reunites Tom Baker and Geoffrey Beevers as the Doctor and the Master, clearly and explicitly set between The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken. I was then moved by an irrational impulse to try and establish a clear timeline for the Master, as seen from his own point of view. Most of this I think is reasonably well-supported, though some of the Third Doctor short stories and the various Masters who confronted the Eighth Doctor in different media are a bit disputable in terms of canonicty and sequencing. Anyway, here goes - the Master on TV, and in novels, short stories, audios, comics and computer games:

The Delgado Master
Time and Relative
(Telos novella, 1st Doctor - appears obliquely in Susan's memories)
The Dark Path (MA novel, 2nd Doctor)
"Reconnaisance" (short story in 1994 Doctor Who Yearbook, 3rd Doctor)
Terror of the Autons (TV, 3rd Doctor)
The Mind of Evil (TV, 3rd Doctor)
[in an alternate timeline, the Doctor was not exiled to Earth and the Master, played by Mark Gatiss, brought the secrets of the Mind Parasite to the Chinese; see BF Doctor Who Unbound audio Sympathy for the Devil]
Deadly Reunion (PDA novel, 3rd Doctor
The Claws of Axos (TV, 3rd Doctor)
Colony in Space (TV, 3rd Doctor)
The Dæmons (TV, 3rd Doctor)
"Doctor Who Fights Masterplan Q" (published on the backs of chocolate bar wrappers in 1971, 3rd Doctor)
The Face of the Enemy (PDA novel, 3rd Doctor)
"The Man in the Ion Mask" (comic strip in DWM 1991 winter special, 3rd Doctor)
"The Switching" (short story from Short Trips: Zodiac, 3rd Doctor)
The Sea Devils (TV, 3rd Doctor)
Who Killed Kennedy? (MA Novel, 3rd Doctor, narrative covers all of previous 3rd Doctor stories but denouement is set at this point)
The Time Monster (TV, 3rd Doctor)
"Doorway into Nowhere" (short story in 1973 Doctor Who Annual, 3rd Doctorl)
Verdigris (PDA novel, 3rd Doctor)
Frontier in Space (TV, 3rd Doctor)
"Hidden Talent" (short story in Short Trips: Companions, 3rd Doctor)
"Smash Hit" (short story in 1973 Holiday Special, 3rd Doctor)
"The One Second Hour", "Fogbound" (stories in TV Comic holiday issue 1973, 3rd Doctor)
Last of the Gadarene (PDA novel, 3rd Doctor)
"The Seismologist's Story" (short story in Short Trips: Repercussions, 3rd Doctor)
"Listen - The Stars", "DWAN: Out of the Green Mist" (short stories in 1974 Doctor Who Annual, 3rd Doctor)
"The Glen of Sleeping" (TV Action comic, 3rd Doctor)
"The Duke of Dominoes" (short story in Decalog, 3rd Doctor)
Legacy of the Daleks (EDA novel, 8th Doctor - the Delgado Master degenerates into the Pratt form)

The Pratt Master
The Deadly Assassin (TV, 4th Doctor)

The Beevers Master
Trail of the White Worm (BF Fourth Doctor audio - the Master has gained energy from the Eye of Harmony to take on the Beevers form)
The Oseidon Adventure (BF Fourth Doctor audio, out next month)
The Keeper of Traken (TV, 4th Doctor - the Master takes over the body of Tremas of Traken )

The Ainley Master
The Keeper of Traken 
(TV, 4th Doctor)
Logopolis (TV, 4th Doctor)
Castrovalva (TV, 5th Doctor)
Time-Flight (TV, 5th Doctor)
"Night Flight to Nowhere" (short story in 1983 Doctor Who Annual, 5th Doctor)
The King's Demons (TV, 5th Doctor)
The Five Doctors (TV, 5th Doctor plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd Doctors)
"Birth of a Renegade" (short story in Radio Times 20th anniversary special, 5th Doctor)
"The Creation of Camelot" (short story in 1984 Doctor Who Annual, 5th Doctor)
Planet of Fire (TV, 5th Doctor)
The Mark of the Rani (TV, 6th Doctor)
"The Time Savers" (short story in 1985 Doctor Who Annual, 6th Doctor)
"The Fellowship of Quan", "The Radio Waves" (short stories in 1986 Doctor Who Annual, 6th Doctor)
The Ultimate Foe (TV, 6th Doctor)
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror (video game, 6th Doctor)
The Quantum Archangel (PDA novel, 6th Doctor)
Survival (TV, 7th Doctor)
"Stop the Pigeon" (short story in Short Trips, 7th Doctor)
Prime Time (PDA novel, 7th Doctor)
Destiny of the Doctors (video game, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors)

The Master has regenerated:
First Frontier
(NA novel, 7th Doctor)
"Housewarming" (short story in Decalog 2, Lost Properties, set in 3rd Doctor era)
Happy Endings (NA novel, 7th Doctor)

The Master degenerates back into the Beevers form:
Dust Breeding (BF main sequence audio, 7th Doctor)
Master (BF main sequence audio, 7th Doctor)

The Roberts Master:
Doctor Who, the TV Movie
(TV, 8th Doctor - the Master is executed by the Daleks but takes possession of Bruce the driver )

The Master escapes the Eye of Harmony and takes possession of Sir George Steer:
"Forgotten" and "Prologue" (short stories in Short Trips: The Centenarian, 8th Doctor)

The Master is given a new body by Esterath:
"The Fallen", "The Glorious Dead" (comic strips in DWM, 8th Doctor)

[non-canonical yet somehow true: the Pryce Master who appears with the Atkinson and other Doctors in The Curse of Fatal Death, and ends up in love with the Lumley Doctor]

The Jacobi Master
The Eight Doctors (it is totally speculative as to which of the various Masters is in the main narrative here; of course the Delgado Master also appears in the 3rd Doctor sequence, which is set during The Dæmons)
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street (EDA novel, 8th Doctor, the Master is "The Man with the Rosette")
Brief and contradictory appearances in EDA novels Sometime Never..., The Deadstone Memorial, and The Gallifrey Chronicles, all with the 8th Doctor
[with the Richard E.Grant Ninth Doctor: Scream of the Shalka, "The Feast of the Stone" webcasts - canonical or not, this Master is definitely played by Derek Jacobi]
[during the Time War the Jacobi Master takes on human form as Professor Yana]
Utopia (TV, 10th Doctor)

The Simm Master
(TV, 10th Doctor)
"Speech Day" (short story published in The Doctor Who Stories, 10th Doctor era)
The Sound of Drums (TV, 10th Doctor)
The Story of Martha (NSA story collection, 10th Doctor era, cameo appearance in framing narrative)
Last of the Time Lords (TV, 10th Doctor)
The End of Time (TV, 10th Doctor)

</tr>And that's it so far. Corrections and queries gratefully received.
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