Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

February Books 4) Osama, by Lavie Tidhar

An alternate history novel where the War on Terror never happened, but instead the history of our world is experience in a series of pulp novels about Osama Bin Laden; the plot concerns the central character's quest for the author of these stories, which takes him on a long journey including a brief step into our timeline. So it's basically The Man In The High Castle recast for today, though with lots of added literary allusions to the noir genre in particular. I wasn't completely satisfied; like a lot of alternate history stories, this seems very pleased with its own cleverness (perhaps in a slightly different way to most of them), and I found the low-key ending a but unsatisfying after such a convoluted journey. But Tidhar does hold a mirror up to the history of our own times and get a rather interesting reflection. I like this more than the other BSFA nominee I have read but hope I like others even better.

This was also the first book I had read using Amazon Kindle software, thanks to a free giveaway - my normal ereader at present is Aldiko on my Android (which I basically use for ebooks, videos and Tweetdeck these days) and also still Mobipocket on my Blackberry (which I use for actual phone and email). I can see that the Kindle software has better bells and whistles than the other ereaders, but I instinctively distrust Amazon's control of what I have downloaded, and doubt that I will pay for any Kindle books until it opens up.
Tags: bookblog 2012, bsfa 2011
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